While the content of your message is of critical importance, the manner in which it is delivered is sometimes just as significant.  You can have interesting and timely posts whose impact can be be completely undermined by sloppy or amateurish formatting.  One of the biggest mistakes can be adding a ridiculously long link to the text box of you Facebook Fan Page Wall.  Take a moment to use a URL shortener like Bit.ly or Ow.ly and keep your readers focussed on the content.  Another pitfall is posting the URL of an interesting article or post in the link box and having the text associated with the link be completely off message.  A little known and totally under utilized feature of Facebook is the ability to edit the text that accompanies a link post.

Example 1

Eample 2

Eample 2

You can see from these examples that all you need to do is click on the text to highlight the copy, edit, and then click outside the text area. This ability to modify the text can turn a totally inappropriate post into a focussed and targeted promotion for your store. The same process can be used on the text below the URL line as well.

Next we’ll learn the importance of using the Notes application, Facebook slowly evolving CMS for adding content directly to your page.