New Choices For Admin Access

Facebook Pages are valuable tools for marketing your restaurant and connecting with your customers.  Sometimes Facebook changes, subtracts or adds features that not only seem unintuitive and arbitrary, but also downright annoying.   Recently, however, they added several powerful features that greatly simplify managing and sponsoring Page posts – for both the accomplished social media veteran and the novice!

Scheduled Page Posts

You can now create a page post and schedule it to be published at a future time anywhere between 10 minutes and 6 months away. You can also change the scheduled time or delete the unpublished post so long as the future publish time is at least 3 minutes away.  For example – this will enable you to schedule posts for specific times of the day – say right before service – that will catch people just as they are making dining decisions for the evening.

Unpublished Page Posts

Another new feature is the ability to create Page posts that don’t show on your Page’s timeline.  Simply put this means that you can create a post that you may not want to appear in your Timeline view – say a wine dinner for a specific segment of your clientele that you can sponsor and promote to a specific demographic of your fan base.  Tou can find more info on sponsored posts here.

Page Admin Permissions

One of the many problems with delegating responsibility for your restaurant posts on Facebook is giving Admin rights to a staff member.  For a long time this meant that which ever staff member you put in charge of your Facebook page also had the power to delete it, or make it inaccessible.  Not a very comforting thought.  Now, however, there are several levels of access that give you the option of assigning a variety of roles to your social media management team. To learn about Page admin permissions see here.

Let us know what you think of the Facebook additions and any questions you have on their application.