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Making Sure You Get The Best Service

Over the past several years it has become apparent to businesses around the world that the effective use of Social Media Marketing is an integral component in any successfully run commercial enterprise. Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, FourSquare & Twitter lead an array of marketing tools that have created an entirely new paradigm in customer relations. This is especially true in the case of the restaurant & hospitality industry where these services present a unique opportunity to connect and interact with customers in real time. What has not become so readily apparent is the best method for utilizing these tools.

For over three years now I’ve managed the Social Media Campaign for all of the Batali & Bastianich restaurants.  This has grown to include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare Specials, Foodspotting Guides, YouTube and, most recently, Google+ and Pinterest. While the use of these tools has evolved I’ve been able to compile and refine the most effective practices for these services in promoting  a broad range of restaurants whose location range from NYC, to Las Vegas, LA and even Singapore. The services that Social Media Restaurant is now offering are comprehensive distillation of these methods geared specifically for the needs of the hospitality industry.

We’ve now added the Union Square Restaurant Group, Daniel Boulud, Jean-Georges and Rosa Mexicano Restaurant Group to a growing list of restaurateurs and hospitality professionals that have used our consistently targeted, efficient and successful services.  We create social media networking campaigns that are equal to the uncompromising dedication to quality displayed in all of these storied restaurants.

The Menu:

1.  First we will analyse your current Social Media Campaign and give you an overview on how your efforts stack up against some the most successful campaigns in, and out, the industry.  From there we can make suggestions on how to improve your efforts – or, if needed, we can set up accounts for you.

2. After identifying your specific needs we’ll set up your Facebook page with connections to all applicable ancillary pages and services (Open Table, Branded Landing page, email subscription application, etc.) and promote membership.   This will also include YoutubeFlickrFourSquareTwitter accounts. We’ll also coordinate efforts with your current website developers to promote your Facebook and Twitter accounts  through your existing websites and email templates.

3. Services are scalable and can evolve as your needs change.  We can make all the updates to Facebook and Twitter pages and establish an agreed upon schedule for future updates employing the methods outlined below, or we can simply provide you with guidelines to improve upon the engagement channels you’ve already developed. With your input we can develop a coordinated program suited specifically for your needs. At the same time we’ll be making comprehensive best practices guidelines and instruction available to the onsite staff. This will ultimately result in the update process being done entirely on premises.   Much like politics, ultimately social media is all local.

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4. We’ll also ensure that as these tools evolve, and more social media services become available in the future, the restaurant is always positioned to make the most effective use of them. Facebook and Twitter were virtually unheard of as business tools a few years ago. The past year has seen the explosive  development of GPS specific applications that literally target people as they enter the neighborhood.  This year will see the exponential growth in the implementation of QR Codes and media exchange sites such as Pinterest.  Using these tools we’ll be able to coordinate customer promotions in real time that reflect the immediate needs of the store.  For instance – a party cancels and a busy Thursday night turns into a light second turn. You can send an alert to anyone in the neighborhood that tables are available. A fairly pedestrian example – but it will be our responsibility to make sure that the business benefits from efficient adoption of these technologies.  We will also introduce you to a number of free, easy to use tools that will track the effectiveness of your campaign and enable your restaurant to effectively and efficiently marshal your Social Media efforts.

The best part is that all of these services are as adaptable and scalable as the Social Media networks themselves.  Whether you need a onetime consultation to get you headed in the right direction or a full time Social Media Administrator we can get you  up and running immediately at a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing firm that knows nothing about restaurants in general, and your in particular.  Take a moment and fill out the contact form – there’s no reason to be left out of the conversation.