Instagram introduced an extensive palette of editing tools this week which will make posting effective pictures of your restaurants’s dishes exponentially easier.

Until now, the photo-sharing app has relied primarily on its pre-loaded filters to let users to change the look of their photos, along with a few other adjustments like tilt-shift and lux.   Unfortunately with many kitchens and dining rooms being either too bright or too dark it has been necessary for restaurant social media teams to use third party editors such as iPhoto to compensate.

New options with Filters

Instagram users can now use a sliding bar at the bottom of each editing screen to adjust the strength of each filter.


Borders can also be added from each filter screen as well

Editing without filters

Instagram is now featuring one stop shopping for an impressive array of editing tools that will allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights and shadows.  You can also sharpen your picture as well as use a new tool called vignette that allows you to darken the corners of your photo to focus attention at the center of the shot.  These tools can be invaluable when shooting food.  For example you can compensate for the harsh neon glare that in the kitchen by amplifying the red and yellow tones with the Warmth editor.


Having all of these tools available inside the app, instead of forcing users to save pictures, edit, than post, will make it much easier to post pictures of menu items on the fly in real time.  It will also not only save you time, it will also transform mediocre food pictures into mouthwatering photos.