You’ve set up your page, you’ve got regular updates and your posts are getting great feedback – it’s time to invite more people to join the conversation. Facebook is all about interaction and viral propagation – here are five great ways to bring more people to your table.

1. Create an Engaging and Targeted Fangate Tab – Facebook provides Fan Pages with the ability to add a custom iframe application  of your own design that will turn visitors into fans, get out your message, drive fans to your website and allow them to invite their friends to become fans as well.  A good example of this is one we created for Mario Batali for his Foundation.  Visitors that are not yet fans are directed to click on the “like” button to become a fan – and are then able to download an exclusive recipe from his newest cookbook (   More and more top brands are using their Facebook page as their primary point of customer engagment because of the exponential possibilities of the viral growth in their fan base.

Screenshot of Otto Fan Box

2. Create a Fan Box Widget – You can create a Fan Box Widget that allows your content to be propagated onto other websites and blogs.   Besides displaying the latest updates, and optionally, pictures of fans, Facebook users can become a fan of a Page right from the website the Box is embedded on.

3. Make Sure Everyone Participates – Staff, Facebook Friends, everyone in your social network should be encouraged to invite their friends to follow your restaurant.  This exploits the most important aspect of these networking tools – viral propagation.

4. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures – Short targeted communications are a perfect example of a picture being worth 1,000 words.  Visuals of dishes, dining rooms or patrons enjoying a wine tasting are a compelling force in the use of Facebook to promote your restaurant and attract more followers.

5. Use available Applications – There are hundreds of simple and intuitive applications that can be easily employed to attract fans virally.  A simple poll can be created in minutes that fans can share with their friends to vote for their favorite dishes or cocktails.  It’s all about interaction – the important thing is to keep your brand in the conversation.